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Transcript for Experience this!

Parks Canada's Youth Ambassador logo

[Dramatic, orchestral music. No narration.]

text on screen: In the spring of 2013

Brief shot of someone in an airport hallway

text on screen: Two lucky young Canadians

Brief shot of 2 people on the beach at dusk

text on screen: will become the next

Brief shot of a young women feeding a goat

text on screen: Parks Canada Youth Ambassadors

Shot of a group stand up paddling on a lake

text on screen: Their goal?

Shot of a young man on a mountain ridge

Underwater shot of a young women diving in a lake

Shot of two young men in front of a fortress

Shot of a group of young canadians kayaking

text on screen: Getting young Canadians hyped about experiencing Parks Canada's iconic places

text on screen: Is this you?

text on screen:

Parks Canada logo.

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