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Transcript for What makes a trip to Jasper National Park truly epic?

[Annimated logo: Youth Ambassadors]

[Rhythmic music. No narration.]

[Time-lapse from the plane window toward the wing]

[Time-lapse of the driving thru the Rockies]

[Title] What makes a trip to Jasper National Park truly epic?

[Colin explaining something to the group who starts laughing]

[More time-lapse of the driving thru the Rockies]

[The group gets off the bus (fast-forward)]

[Title] The Palisades Center

[An employee of Parks Canada presenting to the group]

[The group learn about wilderness orientation]

[Title] Terry Grant "Man Tracker"

[The group learn about roping]

[Title] Learning how to rope

[The group is playing cards at night]

[Title] Meet new people

[The group is preparing to leave for their expedition on the glacier]

[Title] Climbing the Saskatchewan Glacier

[Various shots of them doing some crevasse climbing]

[Various shots of the group doing some mountain biking]

[Title] Mountain biking

[On the bus filming out the window]

[The group leave for expedition in the Tonquin Valley]

[Title] Hiking in the Tonquin Valley

[Various shots of the hike]

[Title] Over 18 km of hiking

[Title] Running the last one!

[Title] Horseback riding

[Various shots of horseback riding]

[Title] More hiking

[Various shots of the group hiking]

[Time-lapse of the bus ride]

[The camera circle around the group at the campfire]

[Title] One last evening around the campfire

[Parks Canada logo.]

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