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Transcript for Learn-To-Camp at Rouge Park - 2013

[Annimated logo: Youth Ambassadors]


[The video starts with a time-lapse of setting up the camp site.]

[Title “Learn-To-Camp at Rouge Park” ]

Every summer Parks Canada, in collaboration with Mountain Equipment Coop, takes Canadians and newcomers on Learn-to camp adventures.

[It’s now time to learn how to setup a tent!]

It's for friends and family. It’s a chance to try something new, to put up a tent and work together.

[Then we see a group of young adults playing a game similar to musical chairs.]

You get to enjoy new experiences.

[Afterwards the group goes to the mountain bike station where they steer around cones, ride over different obstacles and some just learn the basics of riding a bike.]

It's not only about camping, it's about so much more! Like Mountain Biking for the first time or

[Next, we see Colin and Julia leading an activity designed to help the group learn about different National Parks and National Historic Sites.]

learning about other national parks and historic sites in Canada.

[Then we see the group enjoying themselves in this activity.]

[Then it’s lunch time and the group learns how to make pita panzerotti on a camp stove.]

You can try making something delicious... maybe eat it too!

[After lunch, they go on an interpretive hike on the trails of Rouge Park with the help of a volunteer guide.]

You can also explore a new place. Food is always key.

[Then they have a barbecue dinner, followed by camp fire activities including a singalong, making smores, learning techniques for cutting firewood, some storytelling and a singer with his guitar.]

Dancing is optional, but fun is not. There's always time to keep learning, and to sing a song

[The following day starts with a morning stretch.]

See you there?

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