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Transcript for Park Canada’s Youth Ambassadors learn about Slack lining

Animated sequence: Parks Canada Youth Ambassadors


Colin: Hi I’m Colin Sutherland one of this year’s Parks Canada's Youth Ambassadors and I’m here with Chris who is a slackliner.

We see Colin and Chris sitting on the ground. Behind them a man is slacklining.

Chris can you tell us a little bit about slacklining?

Chris balancing on the line.

Chris: Well it's pretty much like tightrope walking but on a bouncy line.

Shots of people walking across the line, followed by a shot of Chris jumping and bouncing on the line.

Colin: Do you get a lot of people here?

Shots of Chris and his friend jumping onto the line.

Chris: We are the main group that does it.

Two of Chris’ friends throwing a frisbee while standing on the line.

But a lot of people join us.

Shot of Julia, Colin and Chris sitting in a circle singing.

Colin: Is it the same people that come back?

Chris's friends slacklining, close up of feet on the line.

Chris: There's a few people who come back regularly.

Shots of Colin Julia and Faye falling off the line.

But a lot of people try it out for the first time.

Chris' friends playing Frisbee.

Colin: And what are some of the other places you go slacklining in Ottawa?

Close up of feet changing direction on the line.

Chris: Just along the river, along the canal.

Colin and Chris sitting on the ground with Chris' friend slacklining in the background.

Colin: What is your favorite place to slackline?

Panning shot of Julia, Colin and Chris sitting in a circle singing.

Chris: I think this one is the best so far. You meet interesting people, like today.

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