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Environmental Stewardship


A biker rushing along the bike path that follows the Lairet River in Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site, with a view of the river and the city in the background.
From Dump to Destination: Revitalizing Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site

After years of hard work and dedication, Parks Canada has given new life to an historic site in the heart of Quebec City and revitalized an aquatic ecosystem. (See full story)
A bull caribou observes the clean-up team as they prepare to ship out from Stokes Point.
Working Together! Successful Contaminated Site Clean-Up in Ivvavik National Park

When the community of Aklavik and the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation raised concerns about possible contamination at Stokes Point, Parks Canada worked closely with the Inuvialuit and other project partners on a five year investigation and clean-up of the site. (See full story)

A yellow warbler feeding her young in their nest in Prince Albert National Park.
Safe to Play! DDT Study at Prince Albert National Park Reveals Good News

When environmental studies found traces of DDT were still present in Prince Albert National Park more than thirty years after it was last used, Parks Canada was concerned. As a result, Parks Canada initiated a follow-up study. (See full story)